Running on Caffeine

Hi and welcome to Running on Caffeine. I'm a highly caffeinated mother to my one year old son. Here you will find many of my motherhood experiences thus far; tips on breastfeeding, personal testimonies, and devotions. My goal is to encourage all women on this journey of motherhood. Thanks for stopping by!

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Survival Guide for a stay-at-home mom

Here are ten tips & tricks I have learned and applied to my daily life to help me stay sane as a stay-at- home mom.


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Devotions with my one year old

It is no easy task to have devotions each day with a toddler. I try my best to have some quiet time with God each day but usually, it turns into me chasing after my son or calming him down from a meltdown. For a while, I felt stuck spiritually and I wondered how mothers do it to have a close relationship with God all while raising a child...


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Pregnancy: My first experience

In this eBook I share my experience as an expecting mother. I loved being pregnant but I also faced some challenges along the way. I had laparoscopy surgery while I was 18 weeks along. I will also share what my diet and exercise routine was.

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Why I started Running on Caffeine


Since I became a mother, it became of dream of mine to share my experiences as a mom with other women. I had a tough labor and delivery and became depressed after my son was born. Thankfully, I had the love and support of family and friends who helped me  overcome postpartum depression. But most importantly, all Glory belongs to God for He has brought me and my family thus far. The name Running on Caffeine is pretty self explanatory. Being a mom means sleepless nights and exhausting days but I wouldn't change a single thing!